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Your Words as Your Wand

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I recently heard of a book entitled Your Word Is Your Wand. A very empowering title and a different kind of magic isn’t it? This evokes a principle described by the Buddha where words manifest as deeds, deeds develop into habits, and habits harden and create character. Today, with the advent of quantum physics, we hear the same with a newer twist: “words create reality” and “you are responsible for the reality you create”, meaning that you are responsible for what you think, say and write.

Nice and tidy, right? Not necessarily. Let’s remember that karma also has a role in this equation. The words you uttered a long time ago can come and haunt you because your subconscious mind released them like a jack-in-the-box from where they had been imbedded. What to do about those? Nothing. They come from the past and they need to follow their course. You can only have compassion for the you of the past who said them and the current you who lives with the consequences.

But where do words come from?
Words can come from the untrained chatty mind, which is intimately connected to the quick tongue. These often carry an emotional or judgmental charge, from a sense of I’m right, you’re wrong or you should and must. Add a lot of air, fire and lack of awareness and your wand creates an explosive or disempowering situation.

Focusing your attention on the words you utter is a good exercise. Whether you see it or not your wand automatically registers them. Empowering, incomplete or wishful statements made with or without commitment all create realities.

Silence is your friend
And then there are words that come from your higher self, words that are empowering. They create a reality that supports your evolution and that of others around you. Those words come from the silent place behind words that we reach when we are able to pause, rest in the stillness where resides the deepest source of wisdom within you and beyond. So before saying something, let’s take stock of where our words come from.

You may not recognize the difference when your awareness is located in the mind but most parts of you certainly know/feel the difference. Re-reading old poems or journal entries is the way I recognize the difference most quickly. Those that come from the source “feel right” and as though they don’t belong to the little me but to someone universal, bigger, kinder and hugely wiser.

Paths to get to that place of silence
Working passionately on a creative project where the mind is secondary to the process is one way. A meditation practice that raises awareness yet calms the mind is another. Letting oneself be carried by a scent or a beautiful landscape, listening to the breath of a baby, reciting mantras, exerting oneself physically past the threshold of the chatty mind can all open up a path that leads you to the unity with the higher self.

For those who have difficulty reaching that place of quietness, there are many options. Face to Grace offers courses that can lead you there such as Practical Awakening, Balancing Your Emotions with Aromatherapy and Meditation, AromaMuse for artists, and others. Now is always the only time to start. Check the Training section of this website for details.

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