Why Connect With Your Moon?

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Yes, we are your beauty. Do you see us? Yes, you are reading this because you have called us at some point to remind you to focus on the beauty inside of you. We have used movies amoon2 to tell you, books, your children, your dreams, snow, pain, your daily life. Now we point you to your connexion to the moon.

But you walk with your eyes closed or only half-open. For eons, you have prayed for peace yet how often have you realized that peace is inside of you, in your breath, in your blood, in your longing for the moon. You pray but don’t believe that they can be heard or answered even less. You have forgotten the power of your prayers. You have forgotten how important you are.

You may think that the moon is far away from you. In a pragmatic way, it is and yet it too lives in your body. It is a live being. If you pay attention without judgment, you will realize that she is growing roots of comfort in your bones. She helps you sleep at night. Its inhabitant are currently working in your bones and in your blood to recreate your original DNA.

The moon people are building new universes and links that don’t exist here yet. They are kinds of holograms that help them incarnate and free you. In the meantime, do not despair about yourself. Effort and non-effort are both important.

You need to conduct your daily life. At the same time, allow yourself time for contemplation and real pleasure, conscious pleasure.

Yes, contemplate on the moon, or on falling snow. You may reach a point where you realize that the snow is falling both inside and outside of you. And you are not even cold inside. Why is that?

Contemplation is being open to receiving the imprint, the fullness of what is present to you in that moment. That is full living. No meaning, no definition, no past, no comparison, just purity of contact.

This is the gift of 2016 to human beings: more availability to connect with what is real. Your body is ready, the moon and the Earth are already in motion.

Are you ready and willing to receive the flow of the New Year in you?

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