When dealing with Mother Nature and our own feminine nature, we cannot rush or "push the river".

Shamanic guidance to seek the wisdom of our internal voices

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What woman doesn’t have intuition? I know of none. It comes as standard equipment. And yet it is not a crystal ball that provides all the answers the minute we want it unless we have become enlightened.

Mysterious creative force
We are given seeds and antennas but we tend to push and prod willfully, hoping to crack the codes of the future. Having recently offered shamanic guidance to several women has been a journey for me as well. It illustrated once again the magnificent diversity and power of the feminine creative force, including the destruction of belief systems, masks and comforts to allow transformation and transmutation.

Cracking the Cocoon
As the Earth is quaking, flooding and erupting, we collectively and individually have reached a point like the chrysalis that has to come out of its cocoon to become a butterfly. It has to extricate itself from the shell, unaware that Life is collaborating with this process. The difference between butterflies and humans is that we are given choices and personal will; the will, however, often blinds us to our ability to flow with the intelligence of life and Mother Nature. That is when obstruction, fear, doubt, anger, confusion and illness show up. At those times, we have three options: deny them, fight them or see them as big blinking billboards, allies of sorts, that benevolently show us our stubbornness. From the third only can we sort things out and re-align.

Inner Voices, Powerful Forces
What has been striking me recently is that despite the chaos, help is always available. We may even avail ourselves of that help without recognizing it as such or only later. Let me give you a few examples. The situations are real and universal but the name have been changed:
Mary, in her 30s, is at a crossroads. She came for a shamanic journey to reconnect with her purpose in life. She met with her tree of life and wrote a song for it. As we ended the session, she commented that she felt we hadn’t really done much. Two days later, she shared that this process brought her a lot of insights about forgiveness and encouragement to review limiting concepts. She ended her testimonial by saying: Such deep work on Labour Day weekend! I am really grateful for the obstacles I encountered and am proud of myself.
Fran, in their late 30s, have been trying to adopt internationally for almost a decade without success. They are now seeking the assistance of a fertility clinic, but they have fears and reservations. During her guided journey, Nina realized that she has been unconsciously wearing a mask. Of course, identifying who is behind that mask is a non-linear process in her quest for having a baby. She may identify it as taking too long because her biological clock is ticking loud and clear. Although she is afraid of going behind the mask, she has opened up a new possibility for herself. The choice is hers as well as the method to do it.
First, the mask showed up only because she has the maturity to look behind it. Secondly, having personally done this process individually and with groups, I can assure anyone that the hidden part behind the mask is a vulnerable part of the self that was judged, pushed back in the subconscious and which resurfaces to claim is share of acceptance, love and reassurance.
Flora, at the peek of mastery in her field now feels that she can no longer continuer doing the same job. She senses that if she continued, she would become ill. Confident in her inner knowing, she yet has to give her notice of retirement to her employer. Although mentally ready to do it, there she still has to let go of a few attachments until she “gets out of the closet” and officially starts promoting herself as an angel worker.
Rose and Marsha, one in her late 70s and the other 80 years old and generally content with their life, now face with some disbelief a new stage in their aging process where they clearly see the aging of their body and loss of vitality. Because they feel they still have good years ahead of them and value their body, go for massages, still focus on eating as well as they can, provide support to their children and grandchild, and remain active.
Ruth, in her late 50s, has been hoping to move for a long while, but for some reason has not been able to do so. When the call to move came from external circumstances, she realized that she had not been really ready. She now has to sit in humility to get a sense of direction, pack her boxes while trusting that she’ll be ready on D-Day. In the meantime, she recognized an ally, asked for help and was joyfully welcomed.

Help is always available
I am learning from yet another perspective that despite all the knowledge, intuition and inner guidance, PATIENCE is key to walking the mysterious path of life. When dealing with Mother Nature and our own feminine nature, we cannot rush or “push the river”. Doing so only creates more delays and damage to ourselves, thus bringing us even further away from our truth and freedom. Other lesson: Keep your intuition/eyes open to spot help when it shows up.

When you need help to seek out your wise inner voices, contact IsaBella. She will be happy to support your process in person or online.

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