Look only for the good in everything so you absorb the quality of beauty. -- Paramahansa Yogananda.

The Beauty of the Spirit, Your Ultimate Beauty

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Spirit needs space in your cells to move through you, ground in you, free you from ignorance and infuse you with its three powers: the power of creation, the power of knowing and the power of freedom. Because limited concepts get deposited in your cells and clog them, you need to purify your physical body and your experiences. The ultimate beauty treatment consists in allowing the spirit to descend in your body and experiences and to let it shine through.

No commercial spa treatment will lead you directly to your spirit but bodywork and ayurvedic treatments done in tandem with other practices will certainly help. You may even find a teacher or guide to lead you, but at the ultimate level you need to take total responsibility for your beauty and your life. The essential ingredients are awareness, meditation, contemplation and self-inquiry. The method consists in using these ingredients consistently, fearlessly and with compassion.

Paradoxically, the very “I” that you need to observe AND the observer both need to disappear for the spirit to show up. The body is still there with its needs and wants. Experiences keep coming up in all shapes and colours but your sense of self no longer is attached to your physical body, social roles (eg. mother, air traffic controller, member of a political party or religious community, etc.) nor to past experiences, likes or discomforts. When the “I“ (or personal will) is absent, the spirit shines in the flesh and in the soul.

But first, lets start with definitions:
Spirit: It is the Highest intelligence, both yours and the universal/cosmic intelligence that lives in the center of your heart. It is your very essence.
Power: Not a form of authority but a natural force that comes with taking responsibility. The more responsibility you take, the more power you have and mastery you gain.

The Power of Creation
ayurveda beauty ottawaThe creative process, as you know, is mysterious, at the same inviting, exciting and scary. It attracts you to a world of new possibilities while bringing you out of your comfort zone because it demands that you follow it into the unknown. That process is absolutely personal as it draws on the learnings and experiences you have integrated AND on the flow of inspiration and impulses that navigate from your unconscious to your subconscious and conscious mind. Creation comes with a sense of knowing that you feel in the gut, in every cell of the body but it is totally out of the control of the linear mind. Imitating a master to acquire techniques and skills can serve during your creative explorations. You can refer to known sources of inspiration to stimulate yours. However, the minute you copy someone else, you pollute and injure your own creative organ. And you can’t lie to yourself about it either.

After spending days struggling with this very topic of creativity, I had to laugh because I realized I was being confronted to the things I had talked about in the first paragraph of this text. I became aware that what was blocking me was the limited vision I had of my own creativity. I expected that my text should resemble profound texts from authors I respect. I wanted to know what was unknowable until I actually wrote it. Of course, no document I referred to gave me what I am looking for. They couldn’t because they were not mine. However, they brought me deeper and deeper in the search and face to face with my impatience and doubts. Each new step looked dauntingly unreachable…. unless I started writing again, without judgment!

The power of creation cannot be taught or transferred. It can only be used. As I write this, the ego resists and says: If it’s unteachable, why persist in trying to contribute to this topic? Then the poetic body starts laughing and crying because it/I just realized that this nagging of the ego clearly highlights my commitment to keep going.

What is the poetic body?
The poetic body is both a creative force within the self and a distinctive organ of the structure of Being.1a Everybody has one, more or less developed depending on individuals. It produces imagination, a kind of wish that seeks the collaboration of the four Earth bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) to express itself in the physical world. This organ is located beyond the Earth bodies, in the soul bodies between the light body and the celestial body.1b The poetic body is loaded with your spiritual guides, your potentials and your experiences from other lives and other dimensions. It is like a big lab with its own laws, different from those of the Earth bodies. It demands that we :
– play
– experiment and
– form a reflection of yourself.
It allows the soul to see itself, to learn why it is on Earth and to surrender to the mysterious dynamics of evolution.

However, what can be taught is to spot what disempowers your creativity. Start now by being on the lookout for:
– assumptions about who you are as a an artist, as a creator
– emotions that come up and deflate your passion during the creative process, eg. doubt, blame, impatience, shame, anger, guilt
– daydreaming, living in the future, collecting laurels before your work is finished or entertaining fears about what could happen when success comes, etc
– fears about what others will think and do when your work shows you as different, eccentric, unique therefore troubling or disappointing person
– arbitrary standards of perfection of what recognition or no recognition looks like (you created them so you can destroy them).
Can you think of others?

The Power of Knowing
ayurveda beauty ottawaAs with creativity, knowing is a living current within you and available to you from the universe. There is intellectual knowing and there is a form of knowing that swells from deep within. That knowing takes many forms and depends whether your knower is established in the frame of your limited mind, your guided mind or your still mind. Sometimes its presence is so subtle that you barely hear it. You realize you heard it only after some disagreeable situation makes you realize that you you “should” have listened to that voice. At other times, the knowing comes so strongly that you can’t avoid it, eg. I am so sick that I need to go to bed and take care for my body. Not obeying that voice always brings complications.

Obeying the knower brings awe, discovery, enchantment, faith, exhilaration, self-confidence, more power, more trust in that voice. And of course, more knowing. This cycle has no end. The more you act upon the directives of you inner knower, the more courageous you get, the less doubts you have, the more adventurous you become. Your opinions and those of others loose their capacity to create obstacles and slow you down. Your excuses get weaker and weaker. You get to a point where you KNOW–even when the little mind doesn’t know what to do or thinl–that a greater and wiser inner KNOWER is leading you where you need to be, consciously or not. In that state of being, there is nothing to stop you because nothing feels impossible. You even know/feel that you are loved and protected. You know what needs to be done both for yourself and others. You don’t even ask how because you know that that what is needed will be provided.

The Power of Freedom
ayurveda beauty ottawaFirst, know that freedom is not about doing or not doing what you want from the perspective of the ego or personality. Freedom is about trusting and relaxing regardless of what life brings and being available to contribute what you can to the situation in a natural way. In that state, you don’t know what you contribution will bring to the bigger picture but your feel that it is 100% ok.

One of the great paradoxes of life is that when you nurture your physical body in a conscious way; when you learn to detach from its discomforts and addictions; when your observe yourself, your emotions, your mind and others without judgment, your dramas and entanglements fade away. Your ego no longer dominates and twists your actions, thoughts and emotions. Overall things become effortless. You become less self-centered and your perceptions become clearer, more pure, more mature, more natural. Once you accept and allow the interactions between your conscious and subconscious life, you accept that life just IS and you play with it as you are. At that stage, you are aware that your Higher Self (spirit bodies) is merging with your conscious and subconscious minds instead of just visiting every now and then.

Exercise :
1. Make a list of the thought or patterns that block your powers of creation, knowing or freedom. Do this no judgment and no guilt.
2. Identify those you use most often.
3. Chose a project (related to your creativity, knowing or freedom) that you have been deferring and get to it. Maintain awareness about your blocks and take responsibility for passing through them. Don’t fight them, reassure your body that you can handle it.
4. Examine if you use the same or different patterns as you create your life. Yes, the power of creation is not just about creating a painting, a novel or inventing a new technology. It is about creating your life. Again, do not judge your creation or feel guilty about anything you created.
This simple exercise stimulates and frees the cells that keep you a prisoner of your judgments. Spend the next 40 days doing this exercise to reclaim the energy you need to become the Master of your Creation, Knowing or Freedom.
If you have a daily practice (sadhana), do it before the exercise to support yourself.

Fascinatingly, strengthening any of these three powers strengthens the other two and provides a sense of belonging and mastery. It gives rise to a desire to contribute to the wealth around you, to the best of your abilities.

The steady monitoring, maturing of and surrendering to your three powers in day-to-day life–as it reflects the reality you created in circumstances and relationships–allows your ultimate beauty to shine. They give you momentum to elevate your life. You revel in your grace, joy and surrendering to the flow of life, not because they showed up randomly but because they belong to you.

1a and 1b. For an overview of the Structure of Being, Read More

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