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Taking care of yourself after an accident

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When accidents happen, serious ones I mean like car accidents, falls, burns and other traumas, you need immediate care to see if and where damage has occurred, spine, bones, organs, veins and arteries, brain, tissues, etc. After receiving first line care, you return home and you need to rest.

Shortly after, you will likely experience the secondary waves of shock, a sense of unreality and various emotions, thoughts and feel ungrounded, to say nothing of physical pain. Below are a recipe and a meditation to alleviate the symptoms and to help the healing and integration process. This process works well in tandem with other therapies such as chiropractic care, osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and allopathic treatments.

It also happens that incidents happen, outwardly looking less dramatic than the ones mentioned above that still shake you up. The recipe and meditation will help as well although you will likely need to use them only once.

This process can be used successfully even years after the accident has happened. Why? Because every cell of your body and your aura hold memories until you are able to release them. The sooner the better, but it is never too late.

The ingredients may be used in oil for massage or in a diffuser; the recording is provided in MP3 and MA4 formats.


Essential oils of: lavender, vetiver, cedar, bergamot, chamomile and rose.

First massage yourself or light your diffuser (make sure you put water with the essential oils). Then sit comfortably, back as straight as you can, in a private space where you won’t be disturbed to do the guided meditation below.

Ma4 format, 17.40 min.:
MP3 format:

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