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Take Care of 100% of Your Beauty, Not Just 1% of It!

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The physical body is sacred and it is important to take care of all its needs. Why? Because it is the temple of your soul. It houses all your experiences, your mind, your emotions. It is the manifestation or a condensation of our bodies of love (subconscious) and bodies of light (unconscious). The physical body represents only 1% of who you are as human beings. Yes, only 1% of your whole structure of being which includes your other three Earth bodies (etheric body, emotional body, mental body), your Soul bodies, your Light bodies and other energetic organs.1 Your physical beauty, like the proverbial tip of the iceberg, is barely the small visible part.

So why do most individuals, families, communities and societies focus uniquely, or almost, on the physical aspect of the self and create standards of beauty, enforce judgments about what is beautiful or not? All these judgments serve to codify a system of value and benefits to be gained from fitting in the winning category?

Reflect on this question. Allow your unconscious mind to give rise to thoughts from outside of the rational mind.

The amount of focus on the physical body is such that the other aspects of who we are simply get occulted. If by chance, force or illness those other aspects of the self show up to claim their due, individuals are left to medicine, church or to their own devices to address their needs. Which one of these do you tend to favour? Any other?

Fortunately, ancient traditions have re-surfaced to meet those needs. They offer simple solutions, often unexpected, to care for the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which all contribute to your beauty. Paradoxically, most of those solutions include balancing the physical body.


So let’s start with the care of the physical beauty, wisely. You will not be surprised, although you may not like to hear this: Most grandmothers were right about maintaining good eating and drinking habits, and adopting a healthy lifestyle where you follow the rhythm of nature to eat, dress, exercise, sleep, do seasonal cleanses, rest when you’re tired and take care of yourself when you’re sick.

eauThey were fortunate to live in an age, in Canada anyway, where we had plenty of pure water, clean air, soil and therefore the chance to grow pure food. Since the industrial age, however, that purity has been spoiled. To such an extent that people, including children, need to appeal to courts to protect their rights to a clean future. Those battles are not easy but a couple have been won.

Purity is the operative word here. When your cells are pure and function to their optimum capacity, you are whole. That is the essence of beauty. However, daily living, carelessness or laziness clutters and distort cells and accelerate the aging process. Poor digestion, stagnant debris, dirt, heavy chemicals and other toxins from manufactured foods and air pollution also clutter cells as effectively as garbage and old, useless objects mess up a house.

While beauty is part of you, effortlessly, the process of maintaining its vitality is not entirely without effort. It requires a minimum of consistency of focus, care and intention.

Your beauty: Unique!
ayurveda beauty ottawaBeauty is not the sum of a specific set of characteristics but rather how healthy your attributes are and whether or not they are in harmony between themselves and the environment. Your beauty is influenced by your the physical, emotional and mental state of being, those of your parents, the genetic pool of your ancestors, the geographical area of the world where you were conceived, born, and currently live. Even your beliefs and attitudes about yourself as well as the alignment of the planets at the moment of your birth have an impact on you. So imagine how unique your are!

And then there are the day-to-day factors like the weather and the societal values of the society where you live. All that influences your state of being. Let’s compare two women. The first one is beautiful according to the physical standards of your society. However, she’s dressed for summer during the winter season which constricts her posture, alters her complexion and so on. In addition, her emotions are out of alignment. The second one has hereditary albinism but not judging of it. She’s in good health, she wears a wide smile, proud of a recent accomplishment and dances her joy freely with the world. Which one, in that moment, is the most beautiful?

Knowing yourself
Your beauty is also like a bank account. You can manage it well or waste it. To manage it well, not only do you need awareness about yourself but also about the world around you. This is essential to figure out what can support you and what doesn’t. Ayurveda, Chinese medicine as well as aboriginal societies who have kept their ancestral teachings through history share universal principles to support your beauty.

ayurveda beauty ottawaRegardless of how you may judge your beauty, know that you are perfect as you are right now. You arrived at birth with a package which, in ayurveda, is called a dosha or a life constitution which is dominated by one or two of the five elements. One of your purposes in life is the know who you are, who you are not and what you need to maintain your dosha’s balance. That is called awareness. And the more aware you are, the more awareness you gain to the extent that you know not only yourself but ALL that is around you as part of you. That is enlightenment. But that is for another class.

If you have not already taken the ayuvedic test, do it here now.

The power of observation
There was a time when people ate not only to ease hunger but also to be strong, agile, fertile, to prevent diseases and heal when they fell ill or were hurt. In India, where ayurveda was born, sages discovered that the six tastes did not have the same impact on all individuals. Over time and with a great sense of observation, they identified that people shared common characteristics with their environment. That is how they came to see people in categories that matched the elements (space, air, fire, water and earth) and named these categories « doshas ». This system is universal. It works regardless of where you come from and the colour of your skin.

Furthermore, they realized that the tastes of food affect the doshas. For example, in families who eat together, those with a fiery constitution, eating hot foods on a hot day would be more likely to develop Pitta disbalance such as heart burn, skin rashes and irritable temper than those with an air or earth constitution.

Table of the tastes and how they affect the doshas


From this information, medicine men or women would ask their patients what they ate, what emotions they felt and what were the conditions in their environment. From there, they would give a « prescription » that could look like this:
– eat warming foods for poor digestion
– drink cooling teas for skin irritation
– make an unguent with honey and turmeric for the tonsils
– walk under the full moon for three consecutive months
– relax your stress by slowing down your breath for 3 minutes every morning
– massage your feet with sesame oil alleviate sleeplessness
– spend time everyday walking in nature where your mind will switch off from distractions
– wear an emerald piece of jewelry to balance the influence of a Mercury / or citrine – Jupiter / or garnet – Mars in your birth chart
– listen and talk to a tree to ground
– write a song for your ovaries during your mooncycle.
Notice that none of those could cause debilitating effects.

1. If you are not familiar with your Earth bodies and how to balance them, sign up for the course Practical Awakening, the first course in the series about the Structure of Being Read More. For an overview of the Structure of Being, Read More

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