Natural Skin Care Products that Support Your Ojas

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In a previous blog, I described the importance of choosing the purest ingredients possible to make the Face to Grace products. From a strictly physical health perspective, it makes complete sense. But there are even more important reasons for that: their contribution to your ojas production. “Ojas represents the essence of the entire digestive process and, according to Ayurveda, is the factor responsible for the body’s immunity to disease,” says Sunil Joshi, MD (Ayu) in his book Ayurveda and Panchakarma. He adds that “this highly refined biochemical is responsible for nourishing the non-physical parts of life: the senses, mind and soul. Given that Face to Grace natural skin care products are anchored in the ayurvedic tradition, integrity requires that your ojas be taken into account.

Dr. Joshi further states that the “ojas generates harmony and coordination among the four major aspects of human life and establishes their vital connection with universal consciousness. It allows every cell in the body to funcion in direct communication with nature’s limitless intelligence. Ultimately, it is this substance that supports the experience of intimate oneness with all of life.” All this to say is that Face to Grace products not only support your physical beauty but also all the aspects of your life. Not bad for a little jar of unguent, moisturizer or a bottle of toner, wouldn’t you say?

There is yet another aspect to making pure creams: the purity of the person who makes them. Assuming that quantum physicists are right, our consciousness affects matter. Ayurvedic practitioners alreay believed that thousands of years ago. Both simply arrived to that conclusion from different paths. The latter surmizes that a person with a clean body, mind and soul will likely create products that are more pure and integral than if they were made by someone who consumes junk food, stimulants and narcotics, and does not care or respect the various dimensions of their own Self. Of course, spirituality is not an obligation but it is a powerful “secret” ingredient. I doubt that adding this to my labels would bring me credibility. However, anyone comparing the “energy” of products made by two different human beings or a human being and a machine will feel the difference. Will they be able to identify what the difference is? Some may, some may not…. but they’ll benefit regardless.

Having said all that, who not test this by yourself. Visit my Store and order the natural skin care products most appropriate for your needs. I will be happy to ship them to you as quickly as possible.

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