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It never ceases to amaze me that anywhere one goes or looks, something beneficial for the skin may be found in nature. One such place is Bancroft, Ontario, a 2.5 hours drive south-west of Ottawa. The municipality counts 3,500 souls. But hat weekend, that number probably tripled because of Gemboree, an internation festival. Vendors and buyers from around the world congregated to the arena and to the curling club to share their love of one of Mother Nature’s most enticing gifts: gems, minerals and jewelry.

Since I had not planned on any specific purchase, I was taken aback when I felt a strong attraction to a bright, chalky yellow stone. Its label said “Sulfur, from Bolivia”. And no doubt, it did smell of sulfur, a soft, warm, dry scent. Without the shadow of a doubt I bought it. Visiting other stalls, I realized that sulfur also comes in sparkling crystal form. After researching its properties, I realize it was a darned good deal.

Sulfur: such a gem!
The third most abundant mineral in our body, it is one of the basic building blocks for cell growth and repair. It maintains your skin, your hair, your hormones, your joints, your immune and your digestive systems. Because your body uses sulfur daily, you must continually be mindful of eating foods that contain some : coconut, arugula, broccoli, radish, watercress, animal milk, eggs, garlic, fish, nuts, legumes, grapes, fish and all varieties of onions.

Sulfur is essential
We also need sulfur to keep our blood vessel tissues elastic so that oxygen and nutrients can pass through their walls to nourish the rest of the body and handle the body’s blood flow without stress.

Sulfur deficiency clearly leads to conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes skeleton and muscle pain and inflammation, and less directly to depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, obesity, cancer, and AIDS. We also need to be aware that eating the right foods may not be enough. Food transport, processing, storage, cooking, washing, and pollution dissipate the components of sulfur, so our body needs to compensate for that as well. Combining sulfur rich foods with others high in vitamin C is said to support that process.

However, a contrary condition exists where individuals react negatively to sulfurous foods because they cannot exhaust the supply their body builds up. So before supplementing your diet with it, verify with a trusted advisor, or at least with muscle testing.

aSulfur, water and fire
Areas in the periphery of Ottawa complain that their well water is sulfurous. Of course there are major disadvantages to that but drinking and bathing in it is amazing for the skin and soothing for muscular discomfort. Curiously, because of its chemical composition, sulfur is not soluble in water; this makes it an ideal candidate to create a vibrational essence. It also can be burnt and is used as a fumigant to discourages infestations of insects in ones environment.

Sulfur and ayurveda
Sulfur is one of a few mineral that hold a special place in traditional ayurvedic lore as it increases fire and as such represents the principle of transformation and assimilation. From experience, this mineral clearly is warming and astringent. This indicates that those with a Kapha conditions where excess humidity and cold will benefit at all levels. Cellulitis and water retention are good examples.

Sulfur in homeopathy
The vibration of sulfur is also used in homeopathy and energy work. Homeopaths will recommend sulfur for eczema, acne, psoriasis, frost bite, and itchiness of skin and scalp. They will also recommend it for difficult moon cycle issue, eye inflammations, urinary tract infections, certain colitis problems, issues with the cardio-vascular rhythm, rhumatism when aggravated by heat or dry cold, bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. Of course remedies need to be taken in the appropriate concentration and at the proper frequency.

Sulfur in energy work
Melody, author of Love Is in the Earth, writes that sulfur removes negative willfulness, helps ground reasoning faculties, melts barriers blocking progress while stimulating devotion during the self-realization process. South American and Mexican Indians used it in ceremonial healing to synchronize the four directions while North American native peoples offer it to dissipate darkness and corruption. In astrology, it is associated with the sign Leo.


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