Book Your Free 45-Minute Consultation With Isabela

When you book a consultation for yourself or your child, you have the option of visiting our Ottawa location to meet with your skin care consultant in person, or for your convenience, we can arrange your one-hour meeting online via Skype (free Internet download). During the consultation, we will assess which of your doshas (biological makeup) are out of balance, determine what may be the cause and provide solutions.

Recommended solutions may involve:

  • Changes to your diet
  • Modifications to your lifestyle
  • The use of unguent
  • Herbal supplements or treatments
  • Meditation
  • Participation in a course
  • A customized skin care product

The solution recommended by your skin care consultant is designed not only to correct the condition, but to give you back control over your skin and general wellbeing.

Cost for your skin care consultation at our Ottawa location or online is $90 for individuals and $120 for parent and child. Booking your appointment is as easy as sending an email.

Creation of the Customized Product Recommended by your Skin Care Consultant

Whether your skin care consultant recommends you need a customized product because you have allergies or sensitivities, or for your own sheer pleasure, you will require an initial consultation. During the same visit or a subsequent visit, Isabela will test with you a variety of ingredients that may include:

  • Oils or essential oils
  • Hydrosols
  • Floral essences
  • Tinctures
  • Herbs and or spices
  • Syrups
  • Gels
  • Clay or other

All customized products recommended by your skin care consultant contain only 100-percent natural ingredients with no preservatives or alcohol added. Depending on the complexity, your skin care product may be prepared in your presence during your visit to our Ottawa center or you may have to pick it up at an arranged time. In certain circumstances, you may be instructed to prepare the product yourself and told how and when to use it.


I needed to call you to tell you that I am amazed by the eczema cream you gave me for my daughter. She has had eczema for over a year and a half. We used only one jar (50mg) and a half and it’s all gone! Nothing else we tried had worked. — C.M.