Energy work combined with the principles of Ayurveda and aromatherapy are what make an Ayurvedic facial particularly successful at renewing and rejuvenating your skin. Before beginning your facial, we perform an Ayurvedic assessment of your skin, and then select the ingredients and products for your dosha. Your ingredients are organic and natural enough that they are usually edible. To avoid allergic reaction and to ensure optimal results, we go through each product before beginning your treatment.

An Ayurvedic facial follows the basic steps of a standard style and includes cleansing, exfoliation when required, moisturizing and toning. However, the methods vary a great deal and your body permitting may involve:

  • Repairing various layers of the physical, emotional and mental bodies
  • Cleaning your marma points (mini chakras), nadis (ayurvedic equivalent of meridians) and central channel
  • Balancing your chakras
  • Restructuring your aura.

Ultimately, your face is the map of your state of wellbeing and radiance. This map guides the work and your face shows the results after the Ayurvedic facial.

Convenient Options so Everyone can Enjoy the Benefits of an Ayurvedic Facial

We understand that not everyone who would benefit from an Ayurvedic facial is able to get to our Ottawa spa, so we offer convenient options such as:

  • Arranged at your location (conditions do apply so please enquire)
  • Online via Skype (a free telecommunication software available for download.) This modality requires email exchanges ahead of your appointment to determine the ingredients and materials you will need to prepare ahead of time.

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Testimonial: Isabela’s facial and products provide so much more than simply a luxurious, toning and soothing relief for the skin. The practice provides healing for the mind, soul, and spirit. I finally feel like my true self again, and on top of that, have a beautiful complexion as well. She truly understands the power of compassion, love, and healing, and can see and draw to the surface one’s true beauty and light. My deepest thanks and gratitude are owed to her for what she has done. — Ashley Culp, Ottawa