Recipe for your hands and all layers of your soul

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This recipe was inspired by a meditation on the Egyptian goddess Isis, a goddess of almost limitless attributes including beauty, fertility and prosperity. Appropriate as much for men as women.

1. Wake up early one morning of your choice.
2. Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of fresh watermelon or cantaloupe purée.
3. Massage your hands as with a moisturizing lotion.
4. Rinse off.
5. Put your hands on your belly and say:
“Dear power of mine, you shine like gold in the sun.
You are my guiding light.
I humbly offer it to this day.
May it serve well
The beauty within.
May it serve well the world around me.
May the gold of my soul
Merge with the universal flow of life.”
6. As you breathe in, raise both your arms and offer your hands to the sky.
7. As you breathe out, lower your arms to offer your hands to the Earth.
8. Bring your hands over your heart to meet your eternal essence for 3 minutes.
9. Take a deep breath in, hold, exhale.
10. Smile and relax.

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