The Temple of Grace is located in your face. It is about how you face the world and how the world faces you. - Bhuvaneswari Devi


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The Temple of Grace is part of your energetic structure, the first layer of your supra-astral body. Initiate it during this 5-hour which which teaches you to enhance your powers of strength, steadiness and self-reliance.  A genuinely empowering initiation! A sweet and grounding experience. Key words to describe this program include spiritual self-esteem, grounding, improved immune system, judgement, forgiveness, karma, spirit guides, sacred contracts. PRE-REQUISITE: The Practical Awakening course.


The Temple of Grace is where your ability to maintain your purity, your self-esteem and your self-protection are held. Activating and understanding the Temple of Grace allows you to eliminate self-destructive patterns, to calm your mind and to contact spirit guides. You will also learn to locate the Temple of Grace in your Structure of Being, its functions and how to use it to heal guilt and fear.

Each class is one hour in length and consists of 3 parts; the empowerment or knowledge of the topic of the week, a guided journey or meditation, and student’s comments on their experience.


Class 1:

– Setting intention

– Yoga

– Location of the Temple of Grace in the Structure of Being

– Its functions

– Healing guilt and fear

– Meditation

– Students and teacher comments

Class 2:

– Physical activation of the Temple of Grace

– Your good deeds: personal processing

– Comment on self-qualification

Class 3:

– Meditation on the three levels of the Temple of Grace

– Knowledge of the three levels

– Self-doubt: Personal processing

– Comments

Class 4:

– Knowledge and Activation of the Temple of Grace

– Meditation on activating the energetic mandala

– Comments

Class 5:

– Meditation on how to use the Temple of Grace on your daily life

– Knowledge of how to enhance and use it

– Self-forgiveness as a service

– Helping others through the Temple of Grace.


Cost: $210
This course is offered:
* in person at Face to Grace
* or online via Skype, a free communication software available online.
You can sign up by email. and via Facebook..
Audio recording available from $80.

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