Your skin eats everything you give to it. Nourish it with the best Mother Nature has to offer!

The Best Facial: An Organic Gourmet Meal

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Your skin eats/absorbs everything you put on it–whether it is natural or chemical. Unfortunately, chemicals congregate and stay permanently in fat tissues (including in the breasts) instead of being assimilated and eliminated naturally through digestion.

As women become more and more conscious of the impact of eating consciously, they realize that using non-chemical skin care products needs to become part of a healthy lifestyle.

In this 2-hour workshop will give you a template for a nutritious facial using organic ingredients.

You will learn:
– about categories of ingredients that clean, exfoliate, moisten, tone and bring back your full-fledged radiance
– when to exfoliate and when not to
– about the best ingredient combinations for your skin type.
You will also enjoy the benefits of your recipe in a very hands-on, face-on way, with obvious results.

Cost: $55 per individual; $45 per person/group; includes ingredients
When: Private workshops (in person or online); the group schedule is announced in the calendar below and in the e-newletter. Subscribe today!
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