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The Book of Beauty: Making Skin Care Products with Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

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by Isabela (Samyukta) Blanchet
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The Book of Beauty is a tool that guides you in the world of natural skin care products. It is the sum of the author’s knowledge acquired over 15 years of research on inner and outer beauty and experience with clients. It provides basic recipes but more importantly, knowledge that helps you take into consideration your changing needs over time. Exercises, tips and a list of precautions are included to consolidate your self-confidence, awareness and creativity. At a deeper level, the search for beauty is intimately tied to self-love, a quest that is truly universal. The path of aromas offers perfect opportunities of the wise woman within to embrace it or expand it.

Here are some of the topics covered:
– the identification of your ayurvedic constitution
– knowledge about the ingredients to be used
– the magical world of plants
– oils and their properties
– essential oils, absolutes and attars
– precautions to use with essential oils
– macerations and their medicinal properties
– making floral essences

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Testimonial: Thank you so much for this marvelous book! This book is BEAUTIFUL! Not only does it contain information that I had not come across before, it makes me want to follow up on the avenues you indicate to learn more ~ wonderful teacher that you are. Thank you again for the speed with which it reached my eager hands… Much love and appreciation. — Phyllis

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