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Skin Care for Teens

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]Are you a teen who just arrived at puberty or do you have your two feet already planted in it? The new influx of sexual hormones may be bringing you a lot of physical, emotional and mental growth but also upheaval in your life. While you may experience only the occasional zit and some oiliness, you may also discover with dismay that your skin has become a territory full of surprises and discomforts. Knowledge and practical tips help to ensure that those years are enjoyed fully. No need for drama and trauma.


If you are ready to take responsibility for your skin condition, self-care, and the emotionality that often accompanies zits and acne flare-ups, this 4 one-hour series is for you. You will learn how to assess your skin from a fact-based point of view; select and prepare ingredients that nurture your skin for your specific needs; get nutritional tips for better skin; and work with a mirror to identify emotional and thinking patterns that support self-confidence.

  • awareness of the causes for their skin condition
  • uplifting and empowering knowledge and practices for beauty care
  • recipes and tips useful throughout puberty
  • recognition that you are in the driver’s seat regarding how you look and feel
  • any person between 12 to 19 years old whose skin is going through change
  • teenagers who are experiencing pimples, acne, oily skin
  • teenagers who are emotional about or are losing self-confidence because of the quality of their skin
  • Cost: $125 per individual session; $108 per person in group setting.
  • When: Upon request for individuals and groups (in person or online); for group dates, subscribe to the e-newsletter or visit the calendar in these pages.
  • RSVP required by email.
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