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Paradoxes: Bilingual Muses bilingues

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Another book of beauty, this time in the form poetry and short stories that seek or find beauty in the world, real or imagined.
Some are in English, some are in French and the bilingual muses, laughing at the author’s hesitations, convinced her to let go and allow the bilingual flow in one of the pieces.

A few titles:
All in Once Upon a Time
Fluffy Serenity
When We Cry and Laugh
Not a Typo
Jasmine and the Blue Dragon
Vision Quest

This book will bring light, lightness and inspiration to anyone who reads it, and hopefully prompt those who wish to write to quickly let their inspiration flow directly onto paper or in the computer.

by Isabela (Samyukta) Blanchet and cover illustration by Bhuvaneswari Devi.
Available in paper format, 7 x 9 in., 80 pages. It is self-published and available at Face to Grace only.
Cost: $25
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