I Now Know My Dosha, So What’s Next?

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You have met an ayurvedic consultant or taken a test somewhere and are saying: Now I know my constitution, so what’s next?” The answer depends a lot on you and what you really want to know, in which area you want to focus, and how much time you are willing to dedicate to this. If you want a real answer with several options, this workshop is for you.

During the workshop we will address the following questions:
Are you looking for a solution to address a physical issue?
Are you looking for simple practical tools or a solid knowledge base for multi-faceted solutions?
Are you asking just for yourself or for you AND your family?
Are you interested in nutrition, in relaxation, in treatments, beauty, lifestyle, or something else?
Are you interested in how your dosha affects your emotions and your relationships?
Are you a doer, an observer or a life-long learner?
Are you interested in a product or a workshop to see where that leads you?
Are you already quite keen and would like to sign up for a course?

We will also look at your dosha and in which area(s) it needs to be supported, and what would best suit your learning style.

You answers to these questions will guide your practitioner to make suggestions. You will also likely come up with answers, including some that emanate from the elements in your dosha.

Ultimately, the goal of this workshop is to find what approach works best for you to integrate ayurveda at a pace that works for you, with solutions that meet your needs.

This is a one-hour workshop.
Pre-requisite: that you know your ayurvedic constitution. If you don’t, book a free assessment ahead of time.
Cost: $45; private consultation in person or online: $65

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