Marma Massage

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About marmas and the types of marma massages offered at Face to Grace

Marma points are vital points of energy (mini-chakras) or access points to your body’s innate intelligence. They come in different sizes. At the physical level, they are made up of the congruence of 5 important structures: muscle, blood vessel, ligament, bone and joint. From a different perspective, they are made of the vibrations of Wisdom, Love and Creativity/fertility that feed you and emanate from you. To know more…

Vasant Lad, a master of Ayurveda, describes each marmas as a “secret dot or mystic point. Like a door or pathway, activating a marma point opens into the inner pharmacy of the body. (…) Touching a marma point changes the body’s biochemistry and can unfold radical, alchemical change in one’s makeup. Stimulation of these inner pharmacy pathways signals the body to produce exactly what it needs, including hormones and neurochemicals that heal the body, mind and consciousness.”

I offer 3 types of marma massage:
1. Facial marma massage, including the 4 entry points*: Cost: $90 (45 minutes)
2. The 4 entry points and breast marmas: for breast health (prevention, maintenance and healing); To know more… Cost: $65 (30 minutes)
3. Body marma massage, including the 4 entry points
Gentle or subtle massage: $135 (90 minutes)
Deep “Warrior” massage
To know more… $165 (90 minutes)

After your first marma massage, you may book further marma massages with essential oils for additional benefits.

*The 4 entry points are the marma points at the belly button, the base of the sternum, the base of the nose and the top of the head.

I had the warrior marma massage. Although there were points where sensations were quite intense, I felt your softness. I was in a state where I was conscious of the energy, vitality and calm moving throughout my body, and pain was in the background. I felt safe, confident, envelopped and contained by your presence. I felt you and I were One. Thank you Isabela. – Sylvie Galienne

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