Inner Conflict Resolution Course With Your Aromatherapy Consultant

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There are times when inner conflicts cause so much pressure in your body, mind and spirit that they leave you feeling exhausted, powerless, speechless, sleepless and even breathless. Working with essential ois of exceptional quality such as oud, vetiver and others will help you create breathing space between the real you and the painful entanglements in your life. We will use them in the diffuser and on the skin with diluted oils on strategic points on the body. Other modalities used during this inner conflict resolution course with your aromatherapy consultant in Ottawa may include breath work, aromatherapy, meditation, movement, art and diet. The purpose is to create longer and longer moments of listening to the self and self-reassurance.

Many sum up the combination of these discomforts as stress or anxiety. Others prefer to qualify this as a culminating experience meant to propel you on a journey of self-recovery, health and beauty.

Wrestling with intense discomforts to make them go away is exhausting and robs you of your ability to enjoy life. And so do expectations. When both combine with negative self-talk, lack of awareness, and assumptions, they can cause dangerous illusions and consequences. Learning to breathe and inhaling various pure and calming aromas encourage homeostasis. As the inner storms subside (and yes, they do have effects on the physical body), essential oils used and self-observation can eventually stabilize the boat. From that stabilized base, inner currents may invite you to come ashore and actively seek abandoned or lost parts of the self, recover self-confidence and self-respect, or make more room for inner silence and serenity.

The first step–signing up for this course–could request that you take a step out of your comfort zone. But you are already out of your comfort zone, so choosing a different one could very well provide relief. Regardless of where you are at, respect the person who is in your shoes. He or she is capable, lovable and worthy of your care.


  1. anyone who finds themselves shakily navigating through uncomfortable times of their lives
  2. teenagers, adults, parents
  3. caregivers

NOTE: This course is not intended to replace medical care.


  1. When: Wednesdays, Feb. 21 to March 21, from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Individual sessions upon request.
  2. Where: 36 Simcoe St., Ottawa, or on Skype.
  3. Cost: $375 in person, essential oils included. Payment can be made by e-transfer or Paypal
  4. Contact Isabela to sign up.
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