From Pain to Beauty: 7 steps to support your emotional journey

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The steps on the path of recovery from pain to beauty are predictable but greatly vary greatly from one person to the other. However, when you are in the mist of emotional suffering, this is easily forgotten. This tutorial serves as a guide to find your way back. After examining the mechanics of pain and suffering, the tutorial leads you through seven steps, from becoming aware of your emotional patterns and of our conscious and subconscious choices. It then suggests ways to challenge these habits and to adapt them so that they bring you back to the present moment. Exercises, a meditation and the testimonial of three women recorded on video provide simple and respectful real-life situations as opportunities to go within. The conclusion brings you to a state when having tamed and healed you suffering, you feel competent and available to help others take their first step on a similar path.


  • Lesson 1: The role of physiology and socialization in pain
  • Lesson 2: The difference between pain and suffering
  • Lesson 3: Learning to differentiate pain from drama
  • Lesson 4: Removing traces of emotional pain from your cells
  • Lesson 5: Seeing the importance of taking responsibility and making conscious choices
  • Lesson 6: Identifying where you are in your search for meaning
  • Lesson 7: Pondering on the ability to live fully the mystery of the moment
  • Lesson 8: When helping others becomes a form of graduation


  • individuals who currently need support to handle pain in their life
  • those who are going through burn out or depression
  • those caught in painful relationships
  • those who have want to make sense of their pain
  • those who seek to upgrade their ability to meet pain


  • a journal and pen
  • self awareness
  • patience and compassion for yourself
  • time to reflect


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