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Facial at the Beach for Teens

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Hanging out with buddies and talking about things that matter — boys, growing up, becoming a woman, making plans for the future, and beauty care — so much fun. Doing that on a sunny day, by the water, what a treat. It gets even better: Picture all of the above while enjoying a facial.

Imagine this scenario: 4 girlfriends, a picnic basket, swimsuits and towels, plus a platter of 100% organic ingredients to create a fresh and unique facial combo for each. You’ll want to bring your cellphone, iPad or camera to take selfies.

 When: For dates (once in July, once in August), subscribe to the Face to Grace e-newsletter or visit the calendar below.
Cost: $108 for group of 4; for private events at your place with your friends: price to be discussed.
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