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Essential Oils for Beauty Care (1)

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Opening the door to aromatherapy with essential oils is like entering a mysterious, moist and fragrant forest. And while they certainly have proven to constitute a phenomenal pharmacy for the physical body, they can do even more to reveal the intricacies of your inner worlds and wisdom.

Pre-requisits: Willingness to accept the impact of essential oils at the personal level and to assume full responsibility for your physical, emotional and mental reactions.


During this introductory course, you will:

  • learn about the precautions needed to enter the world of aromatherapy
  • gain a basic understanding of your Earth bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental)
  • research the properties of essential oils and hydrosols that address various skin conditions
  • work intensively with one essential oil or one hydrosol to delve into the full scope of its capacities from your personal perspective
  • find out how to differentiate quality essential oils from others
  • individuals seriously open to both book and intuitive knowledge
  • anyone with skin care issues looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical medication
  • individuals who are seeking a natural way of balancing their emotions
  • parents who want to develop a natural pharmacy for their family’s wellbeing
  • individuals working in the field of alternative medicine, eg. massage therapists
  • anyone attracted to this course description

Initial interview required

Cost: $225 per person; 1 hour per week for 4 weeks; ingredients included.

When: for group dates, subscribe to the e-newsletter or visit the Calendar in these pages. Upon request for individuals (in person or online).

RSVP required by email.

    Samyukta’s facial and products provide so much more than simply a luxurious, toning and soothing relief for the skin. The practice provides healing for the mind, soul, and spirit. I finally feel like my true self again, and on top of that, have a beautiful complexion as well. She truly understands the power of compassion, love, and healing, and can see and draw to the surface one’s true beauty and light. My deepest thanks and gratitude are own to her for what she has done. — Ashley Culp

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  1. Reply Louise Cyr says:

    Hello Samyukta,

    We have meet at Wakefield Xmas Fair and I was with Robert & Dominic.
    Very interest to your course, probably Dominic too!
    Essential Oils for Beauty Care

    Please, where are the course and do you have places available.

    Thank you!

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