Quick to heal and leaves no scar.

Unguent for Cuts, Burns and Bruises

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The plants in this preparation are both healing, cooling and produce collagen. For this reason, this simple ungent is used in the eczema cream preparation and can even be used by itself for temporarily relief when you run out of Eczema cream.

Ingredients: Maceration of calendula, yarrow and lavender; beeswax.

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Testimonial: I have to tell you an anecdote: One of the members of our community, Katy – from U.S.A., had been having serious allergy reactions with her skin full, full of rashes and hives. First she went to see a ‘normal’ doctor’ who gave her some antibiotic. But then she had to be taken to the hospital for it wasn’t getting any better, on the contrary, it was getting worse. They kept her 3 nights fearing that her lungs would close and that she could choke because of the allergy.
They released her and gave her some medication for it, which helped a little. Last week it started coming back again and I suddenly thought about your unguent, so I gave it to her one afternoon thinking, and hoping, that it helped her.
The next morning when I saw her, I asked her about the hives and she said that after 3 or 4 times of putting the unguent on, she started to notice the difference on her skin. And I also could see it! She was much better, still with little rashes here and there, but much much better.
She’s been using it since then, and is now almost completely free of it, so she told me to tell you that you have a wonderful unguent and that she thanks you very very much.
— Luz, Poland

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