The seats of fire is in the skin, the eyes and the liver. Too much fire can provoke eczema, among other irritation symptoms.

Eczema Unguent

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Ingredients: Oils: almond, maceration of lavender, calendula, yarrow, neem, vitamine E. Liquids: aloe vera gel, lavender hydrosol and essential oils. Other: beeswax.

This product is created to be cooling using the principles of ayurveda. It cools the skin and all cells of the body as they travel and are absorbed into the blood and other tissues. For that reason, any person with high Pitta (fire) could also use this cream as a facial moisturizer or to calm down any other dermatitis.

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Testimonial: Hi Samyukta, I needed to call you to tell you that I am amazed by the eczema cream you gave me for my daughter. She has had eczema for over a year and a half. We used only one jar (50mg) and a half and it’s all gone! Nothing else we tried had worked. – C.M.

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