Caucasian men and women want to tan while thousands with brown, red, yellow or olive skin want lighter skin. Nurturing the skin you have and self-appreciation are the only keys to your real beauty. Protect it with real natural products.

Chamomile Sunblock

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Most ingredients are organic, including the essential oils.
Oils: sesame, almond, coconut, vitamin E; beeswax; aloe vera gel; zinc powder; chamomile, chocolate mint and yarrow hydrosols and essential oils.

This product is great for anyone and even more so for those with sensitive and irritable skin, especially in the T-zone. Apply at 20- 30-minute intervals during exposure to sun and re-apply after swimming to prevent burns and tanning. To tan, apply a couple of times at that rate, then you may wish to extend time between applications. The cooling, balancing and sweet nature of the ingredients in its formula not only helps nurture the skin but also alleviates itchiness.

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