Flower essences safely rebalance your emotional being to restore your authentic self. They have the capacity to restore inner harmony.

Tinctures and Floral Essences

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A selection of plants (bloom, bloom and leaves, seeds or roots) harvested at their optimal time, infused in an alcohol base, then preserved in high quality organic apple cider vinegar.

Anis & Cumin – for digestion and to reduce gas
Blood root – to clear the liver; also works as an essence to boost self-confidence
Dandelion – diuretic, it cleans the liver; energetically it promotes solid grounding
Ecchinacea – boosts the immune system, anti-viral, prevents colds; to be taken as soon as symptoms appear
Feverfew – for fevers, clean the liver, alleviates migraines
Goldenrod – for hemorrhoids, asthma, arthritis
Licorice – glandular tonic, balances sugar in the blood, sedative, prevents and treats cancer
Red sage– stimulates the activities of estrogens, the secretion of bile and of the sweat glands
Savory – helps digest fats, tones genital organs
Thyme – clears fever, neuralgia, migraines
Yellow yarrow – heals radiation burns (sun, computers and other electronic devices, nuclear)

Floral essences:
Work at the etheric and personality levels. They have messages for those taking the essence:
Calendula: My feminine power is a gift to the world, joyful and warm.
Evening primrose: Helps form committed relationships and boosts the radiant body. I shine most at sunset to welcome the night.

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