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Cleaning Your Aura: Why, When and How

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During this 3-hour workshop you will learn about the structure and purpose of your chakras and central channel. You will have the opportunity to make a cleansing kit for them, then learn to use it, including the short mantra included.


  • travellers
  • moms and children
  • anyone who had an accident or other trauma
  • anyone who wants to clear away emotional patterns that no longer serve them
  • the sick, the weak, or those with a porous aura or sensitivity to the energetic attacks of others
  • anyone going through emotional or relationship upheavals
  • anyone whose mind has a tendency to subdivide (to know more about this, read Bhuvaneswari Devi’s book Subconscious Core Alignments on
  • everyone during their karma month


  1. harmonization of chakras so that they all vibrate at the same frequency, something like fine tuning a musical instrument
  2. immediately feeling more energized and radiant
  3. protecting your energy field from unwelcome influences
  4. empowerment from understanding what blocks and harms the chakras
  5. living life’s experiences from the present moment rather than from patterns accumulated from the past.


    Cost: $45 for individuals + ingredients and material; $35 per person in group setting + ingredients and material
    When: Upon request for individuals (in person or online); for scheduled group dates, subscribe to the e-newsletter or visit the calendar below.
    RSVP required via email.

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