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Biovedic Beauty Certification Program

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Through eight study modules, the student will gain awareness of the development of her/his skin and overall beauty through time. You will learn:

  • how to assess your skin and your clients’ from the perspective of ayurveda and bioenergy
  • how to support its optimum health
  • how to choose ingredients appropriate for various skin types and conditions
  • how to make basic skin care products
  • acquire basic principles of aromatherapy to create your own recipes
  • modalities of facial care using visible and subtle messages from the face and by refining your sensory perceptions.

MODULE 1: Anchoring the knowledge

6 weeks
Week 1. Concepts of beauty: Inner and outer beauty through the ages
Week 2. Self-awareness and techniques for debunking myths and negative belief systems about personal beauty
Week 3. Ayurveda: – understanding the doshas – knowing your dosha, prakriti and assessing your vikruti
Week 4. Importance of the disagnosis
Week 5. Applying knowledge of the doshas to skin care
Week 6. The face as a map of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

MODULE 2: Practical Awakening

7 weeks See description in the Courses page.

MODULE 3: The role of lifestyle choices in beauty

4 weeks
Week 1. Nutrition, an essential component of beauty care
Week 2. Organic vs non-organic
Week 3. Yoga, meditation, exercise and sweating to promote healthy skin
Week 4. Clothing
Week 5. Emotional and mental care to delay and reduce onset of wrinkles
Week 6. Balanced lifestyle including luxurious body care (pancha karma) and rest
Week 7. Seva to take care of beauty around us

MODULE 4: Tinctures and macerations

4 weeks
Week 1. Finding your plant ally
Week 2. Making tinctures and macerations the long way
Week 3. Making macerations the quick way
Week 4. Making medicinal ghee and syrups

MODULE 5: Making skin care products

6 weeks
Week 1. Selecting ingredients for the doshas: Carrier oils
Week 2. Bioenergy and herbology
Week 3. Aromatherapy in bioenergy and Ayurveda
Week 4. Water and hydrosols
Week 5. Dairy, honey, clay, seaweed, spices, flowers and grains
Week 6. Making skin care products: lip balm, macerations, toners, unguents, moisturizers

MODULE 6: Enriching your ability to perceive subtle messages from the face

4 weeks
Week 1. Perception and awareness: Beyond the physical senses
Week 2. Magnetic, plasmic and electric energies
Week 3. A practice to increase your sense perception
Week 4. The radiant body
Week 5. The goddesses within you

MODULE 7: Modalities of facial care

2 weekends
Week 1. The facial and its four steps
Week 2. Purification of the senses and its benefits for beauty
Week 3. Marma massage for the ultimate facelift
Week 4. Ayurvedic facial massage

MODULE 8: Aging is becoming

2 weeks Week 1. Childhood, puberty, adulthood, menopause, and seniority for women
Week 2. Staying in the flow of life no matter what
Week 3. Remaining centered and grounded in who you are
Week 4. There is no death


Module 1: $150 Module 2: $325 Module 3: $150 Module 4: $150 Module 5: $300 Module 6: $150 Module 7: $495 Module 8: $ 75
Class manual: The Book of Beauty, $25
2 individual treatments: $200
Sign up by email.

Most modules can be taught online via Skype, but some need to be attended in person at Face to Grace (schedules are negotiated with students). The pre-registration interview can be done online or in person. To book your appointment, contact Isabela by email.


Pre-registration interview, fascinating knowledge, hands-on practice, projects, out-of-class practice opportunities
Expected from you: Self-responsibility. 
* self-responsibility towards your own choices
* punctuality
* advise your teacher when you expect to be late or absent
* make an appointment for a biovedic facial AND an ayurvedic treatment upon the recommendation of your teacher DURING the program.
The student is also expected to book a minimum of 1 biovedic facial and 1 ayurvedic treatment at the teacher’s recommendation during the program.
Although certain modules can be taught online via Skype, most need to be taken in person at Face to Grace (schedule is negotiable for distance students). The selection interview can be held in person or online.

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