Accepting your emotions without judging them nor acting on them grants beauty and power.

Balance Your Emotions with Aromatherapy and Meditation

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The most direct way to connect with your emotions is via the limbic system, which is concerned with instinct and mood. How can this be done? By gently stimulating this system with natural scents and by bringing harmony to your chakra system.


During this 7-week course, you will:

    • learn about the nature of emotions
    • find out about the structure and functions of the chakras
    • how to clean them to release patterns that no longer serve you, deplete your vitality and can even make you sick
    • use essential oils that support the cleansing and rejuvenation of your chakras
    • learn a 40-day meditation that will release old patterns
    • adopt a practice that will help experience emotions with fresh awareness when they arise rather from past experiences
    • experiment with the process in class and receive feedback
    • get professional support with the process outside of class if needed.
      • those going through times of emotional turbulence
      • those going through burn out or exhaustion
      • health care professionals, therapists and caregivers
      • anyone interested in learning about the chakra system and its role
      • anyone interested in exploring the fullness of life from a fresh perspective rather than from past experiences.
      • expanded emotional self-awareness
      • increased creativity and enjoyment of the present moment
      • ability to remain present to emotions without judging, blocking or reacting to them
      • sharpened perceptions when exploring the world of the unseen
      • connection and sharing with other participants.

You can register for an individual course in person or online, or for group classes. RSVP  by email and deposit via Paypal are required to confirm your enrolment.

Calendar:  Consult the calendar in these pages or subscribe to Face to Grace newsletter.

COST: $325; includes the Émotions – Chakra Creams set.

The Émotions – Chakra Cream set can be ordered separately. Look for it in the Store/Aura Care page.


What this has brought me? A much improved level of inner physical and mental calm during and/or after each class and each personal practice. — L.S.

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