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Aromatherapy to Inspire Your Art

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 The arts, including aromatherapy, have the ability to inspire your journey through different planes of reality because they bypass the mind to access the universal. Through their medium, artists at all levels often find — or push us to find — solutions to problems of our times. In that capacity they are visionaries and/or leaders.

In this series of four workshops, participants will experiment with one essential oil of their choice to connect them with their lymbic system and the source of inspiration it contains. They will the produce a piece, whether it is musical, on canvas or paper, in writing or dance according to the flow of their inspiration. Guidance will be provided along the way.

If you have been procrasting about giving birth to yourself as a writer, painter or dancer or if your inspiration has currently run dry, this is a perfect opportunity.

  • artists seeking to explore a different source of inspiration
  • tarot readers, professional or not, interested in going deeper in their art and to turn the mirror inward
  • all lovers of art, tarot and other arts of divination
  • anyone attracted to the project, with or without experience
  • anyone interested in exploring their creativity and divination abilities in a guided setting.
  • expanded self awareness and ability to see others and “the Universal’ through tarot art  
  • increased creativity
  • knowledge and enjoyment of the healing powers of your plant of choice at the physical, emotional and mental level
  • ability to bypass hidden fears and judgements during the creative process
  • sharpened perceptions when exploring the world of the unseen
  • connection and sharing with other participants.

You can register for an individual course in person or online, or for group classes (max. 4 participants). RSVP  by email and deposit via Paypal are required to ensure your participation.

Calendar:  Consult the calendar in these pages or subscribe to Face to Grace newsletter.

COST: $175; includes essential oil and material; you can bring your own.

    From the moment I stepped into the magical world Isabela has created out of her home studio, I felt welcomed and cherished. Her Aroma Muse project channeled a dormant creativity within me. Before I knew it, I was producing something I felt was real art! The experience was transcendental; I left having become something better than what I was when I walked in. In this respect, Isabela is a master teacher as through the sharing of her own wisdom, she helped me to excavate my own. I had never considered the power of aromatherapy, but this project led me to realize that the right scent can be transformative. I would highly recommend Isabela’s Aroma Muse project to anyone interested, not only because it was such a delightful way to spend my time, but also because of the opportunity to interact with and learn from Isabela. She is truly a gem! — Suzanne Duc

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