What to do about pollution? Agni hotra!

Agni Hotra

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Ancestral ceremonies remain incredibly valid and powerful for today’s conditions. Fire ceremonies such as Agni hotra and Triambakam are a form of technology that do many things: remove pollution from the environment, e.g. chemtrails; there is even evidence that it can clean up radioactivity. Agni hotra also helps to create a healing atmosphere in your home, enhances farming, helps the bees, calms Vata, and produces healing ashes for humans and animals. Testimonials now abound on the benefits of taking a few minutes every day, every week, at the full moon or simply when you feel so inclined.

This workshop involves a presentation about the teacher who brought the technology to the West, the technique itself, the instruments to use and the many benefits people have experienced when doing it.

Agni hotra is performed at sunset or sun rise, while Triambakam can be done at any time of day. It can be done both outdoors and indoors.

This is a beautiful non-religious ceremony performed every day, everywhere in the world. There are even communities in India, Poland, the United States and South America who perform it every day and every hour on the full moon. If you are not in Ottawa, search online and you will most probably find someone who does it close to where your are.

Supplies can be purchased from http://www.agnihotrasupplies.com, located in West Virginia, USA.


Initial interview required

Cost: Free

When: for group dates, subscribe to the e-newsletter or visit the Calendar in these pages. Upon request for individuals (in person or online).

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