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Hair Care Solutions

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Countless women with curly hair would rather have straight hair and vice-versa. And then there are women who have thin hair, coarse hair, dandruff, thick hair, or who lose their hair. A slender brunette may have dry split ends, a gorgeous red head may experience premature greying and a voluptuous dark-haired woman may have oily hair. Why is that? And what to do about it? Is the hair salon the obvious solution? Not necessarily. Face to Grace offers this workshop because there are more affordable and less toxic solutions that can last you a life time.

  • What is in commercial shampoos, dyes, straighteners and perms?
  • And then there is stress, medication, environmental pollution
  • Tips to prevent problem hair
  • How to take care of damaged hair
  • Herbs, oils and essential oils that support healthy hair and scalp
  • Making your own shampoo
  • knowing what is causing your hair condition and how to bring it back to health
  • feeling empowered to make well-informed choices
  • recipes and tips for your needs
  • recognition that you are in the driver’s seat regarding how your hair looks and feels
  • those with allergic reactions to chemicals will benefit most
  • those who want to adopt healthier hair care habits
  • anyone looking for alternatives to commercial products that contain parabens, plasticisers, etc
  • anyone who likes their hair and wish they would love it completely
  • anyone almost ready or totally ready to transition from coloured hair to grey hair
  • Cost: $25 per person
  • When: Upon request for individuals and groups (in person or online); for scheduled group dates, subscribe to the e-newsletter or visit the Calendar in these pages.
  • RSVP required by email.
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