Getting lost doesn't mean you won't reach your destination but having a map will bring you will find it more quickly.

Problem Skin: Check the Map

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Regardless of your lifestyle, the colour of your skin or your age, you will encounter skin problems at some point in your life. With the ayurvedic facial map, it becomes simpler to identify where the cause lies. Where do your pimples or zone of dryness appear? Their location is not random. Will the solution be found at the physical, emotion, mental level or all of the above? Come find out that problem skin can be a Godsend and not a catastrophy. From there, it is your choice to address the situation and learn how.

This workshop can be taken as a stand alone or as an introduction to Solutions to Problem Skin.

Cost: $35
When: Upon request for individuals (in person or online); for group dates, subscribe to the e-newsletter or visit the Calendar in these pages.
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