A clean aura lets your radiance light up the world.

7-Day Aura Cleanse Protection Program

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seven 5ml bottles

Your aura, like your physical body, needs to be cleaned regularly, ideally once a month.

Each bottle contains its own coloured liquid: a hydrosol, essential oils, a floral essence and/or an infusion. You will use a different bottle every day for seven days. Each one is labelled for the day of the week.

The kit comes with instructions, including a very short mantra. Its use is as simple as taking a shower. Samyukta developed this product in collaboration with her spiritual teacher, Bhuvaneswari Devi.

Who can benefit and why :
– children: parents use it to protect them and to pray for them
– the frail, the sick or those who are sensitive to other people’s mental attacks
– yourself when you experience heavy feelings; sometimes those feelings are not even yours but can affect you. This is why it’s important to clean them off.
– during your karma month, when your aura is likely to be more sensitive and when your unresolved issues are most likely to surface
– when your aura has shattered because of an accident, serious illness, trauma or when your mind subdivided. (NOTE: for more information on the “subdivisions of the mind”, listen to Altitude, on www.bhuvaneswari.ca)
– when you travel to a different country to adjust smoothly to the new vibration

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