31 Days to Learn the Language of Beauty

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With its simple and innocent language, this e-book provides 27 sutras and 3 meditations that inspire and nourrish you as a seeker of beauty. Their purpose is to bring you to question your assumptions and belief systems about beauty. They impart a thirst for contemplation, meditation and inquiry about your true self in a relaxed way. They challenge your preferences, interests, goals and your imagined self. They help you find the place where you can rest in your own beauty, beyond the definitions and assumptions constructed by your limited mind and ego. They reveal you to yourself. They help you find your own language of beauty and penetrate the silence of your own Truth.

Read one sutra per day. Savour is fully. Contemplate each as a gem that mirrors the many faces of your beauty. Let each penetrate you and purify your perceptions. Let them help you surrender to your own unique beauty and self-love.

by Isabela Blanchet
Illustration: Isabela Blanchet.
Available in pdf file only. This self-published book is available only at Face to Grace.
Cost: $15CAN
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