Who speaks to whom when two masks have a conversation?

Make-up and Mascarades

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Has make-up become a mask for you? To hide blemishes, the fact that you did not sleep well, cried or in the worst of circumstances, to hide a black eye from an abusive parent or partner? If you cannot let yourself be seen without make-up, even occasionally, your make-up has become a mask. This can be detrimental to the health of your skin, your self-esteem and even your survival.

There are times when wearing masks is just plane fun. However, we also wear other less tangible masks. They are just as real even when you are aware of them. What did you find out with this project? What kinds of masks do you wear? Care to share your insights? I welcome them, either in private at info@facetograce.com or on the web site.

On Hollowe’en, children play at being ghosts, pirates, witches, ghouls, clowns, fairy tale characters to play out all kinds of fearful to ridiculous aspects of the human psyche. Some adults love to dress up too on that occasion, most often than not, expressing repressed aspects of themselves in some way or other to experience them and laugh at them. Others won’t even consider wearing a costume, so tight in their repression, fear or disdain. The dynamic of Hollowe’en is great to reveal aspects of who we would like to be, explore possibilities or play out what haunts us, what we judge, what we fear or what we consider ridiculous.

When masks get too small, it’s a good sign. It simply means that your identity or the way you see yourself is cracking and that there is an intelligent force within or from outside that forces you to grow. You rarely like this though because it’s uncomfortable. It shakes you up. You loose your landmarks. You may even feel defeated, depressed. The way you expected your life to be just isn’t happening. You may even blame others and life for having short-changed you. But is that true?


Every human being is connected to the magnificent diversity and power of the feminine creative force that keeps humanity growing. Life, by definition, includes death. This includes the destruction of masks, belief systems and comfort zones to allow renewal, transformation and transmutation. You can deny, fight and resist the process or you can welcome it and be curious about it. Neither is good or bad. It just is. The only thing though is that what you resist will persist until you get it.

As the Earth is quaking, flooding and erupting, we collectively and individually need to come out of our cocoons to become butterflies. We need to free ourselves from past conditionings and limiting belief systems and patterns. Failing to do so creates blocks, pain, disease and eventually death of body, mind and spirit. The difference between butterflies and humans is that we are given choices and personal will. Our will, however, often blinds us to our ability to flow with the intelligence of life and Mother Nature, unless we consciously align our will with Her’s. Relaxation and nurturing of the physical body with full awareness is one of the most simple and efficient ways of supporting this process.


Make a skin care mask, apply it for 11 minutes, rinse with warm water and moisturize. Then go out without applying ANY make-up. Go as far as you can go out of your comfort zone.
If you never wear make-up, what else prevents you from going out confidently as you are? Do an equivalent exercise after having done the mask.

Face mask recipes

For dry skin
1 tsp of powdered oats
1 tsp of powdered rose petals
1 tbsp of yogourt or kefir (preferably organic)
1 tsp of honey
¼ tsp of sesame oil
2 drops of lavender essential oil

For sensitive skin
1 tsp of oats
1 tsp of powdered mint or chamomile (from herbal tea bag is ok)
1 tbsp of yogurt or kefir (preferably organic)
1 tsp of maple syrup
¼ tsp of almond oil
2 drops of lavender essential oil

For oily skin
1 tsp of oats
1 tsp of mint or chamomile leaves (from tea bag is ok)
1 tbsp of yogurt or kefir (preferably organic)
1 tsp of honey
2 drops of lime or lavender essential oil (or juniper if very oily)
Contact your skin to see how it feels. Write your insights in your journal.

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