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Your expectations and assumptions about what I, you, they, life, beauty, prosperity, relationships, job, house, etc. “should” be and “should” look like that blocks your ability to see them when the are in front of us. It is your resistance to pain–and joy or success too depending on your belief systems–that blocks the natural flow of your life.

The more you become aware, the more you recognize the futility of your dramas, judgments and negative self-talk, the least power they have over you. This freezes an enormous amount of energy. You become more porous to the infinite potentiality of life. Your mind dwells quietly in that place, at least temporarily. You don’t feel like you have to do anything until you hear you Inner Knower tell you what to do. It is so normally so subtle that you hear it only in the silence of your heart. When you are too stubborn or busy to pay attention, its messages come more frequently and more strongly until it reaches the forms of discomfort, loss, disease and pain.

Your Knower has always been telling you what to do and guiding you, but you were too busy, caught up in your stories to notice. Your Knower is the one who knows that pain is what wakes you up and that you need it to learn to rise up to your next level of growth.

The most rewarding and fascinating aspects of reclaiming all the good, bad, ugly and hurt pieces of the self are a sense of relief and clarity, a freedom from our “shoulds” and opinions as well as others’. The more you do it, the more you perceive light coming from “inside and outside.” You gain more awareness and accept to knowledge about what goes on among the people you live with. Your senses perceive more than just what is obvious.

You could likely develop the ability to perceive what is normally considered invisible, inaudible or a heightened sense of touch to do healing work. Your deep sense of “I know” becomes stronger and more frequent. You realize that when you catch a negative self-talk, you have developed the skill of focusing on the higher and wiser parts of yourself, maybe even in the beauty of your heart or in your very essence. In those moments, you are quite likely to feel bliss or being at one with the Divine. This a moment for which you can congratulate yourself because you created that.

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