Mirror, Mirror : The Role of Your Health and Wellness Speaker

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My friend Satkiana recently went to buy essential oil for her son’s cough and congestion. Her adventure below shows how the wisdom within us recognizes when life puts what we need right in our hands. As your health and wellness speaker, my role is simply to remind you of that!

Errors That Are Not Errors
One of the joys of being a health and wellness speaker is the chance to gather and share real anecdotes and gems, that give life to the ideas and principles I present to my audiences. A great example is my friend Satkiana’s experience this past week. I lent her my eucalyptus and camphor essential oils recognized for their properties to heal clogged lungs and nose. The next day, she went to the health food store to get her own eucalyptus radiata.

At the store, she picked up a bottle from the eucalyptus row, looked at it and, seeing that it was benzoin essential oil, she put it back on the rack. She took another bottle from the eucalyptus row but once home she realized it was yet another bottle of benzoin. Since she is generally in tune with her inner knower, she wondered if this was really a mistake or an opportunity. So instead of returning the bottle right away, she decided to research what bezoin is all about. As you already expected benzoin is a great expectorant and relieves congestion, thus eases breathing. It also induces sleep.

Your Wise Woman Within Knows
All this to say that although knowledgeable people can provide excellent suggestions and put you on the right track, in any situation there is a part within you that is very wise. That wise listener has an acute antenna — conscious or not — that will agree with those suggestions or stay open to something even more appropriate for your specific needs. But this won’t be confirmed until you consciously act on its recommendation.

There’s more to the story. Knowing of my passion for essential oils, my friend shared her findings. Such a delight! Although I own and use benzoin essential oil to bind the scents of various essential oils when I make soaps and deodorant, she taught me that:
– it is a reliable deodorant in and by itself
– and that it soothes inflammation in the case of rashes, eruptions, and other skin problems.

Sharing Wisdom
The cycle of life entrusted in the hands of wise women is completed and expanded by sharing knowledge, stories and experiences. I say wise women… speakers all around the world know this. Appealing to the mind attracts curiosity and interest. But the speaker needs to go deeper. She needs to speak from her heart, gut, inner wisdom and personal experiences to connect with yours. Once you connect, even slightly, an exchange of energy happens. And you may never know if, how and when your unique contribution is used. Yet that subtle voice within agrees: Yes, I am wise. I know what is true. Yes, my wisdom is needed. Yes, life presents challenges but it also provides what I need. And yes, I can remain aware of my subtle voice regardless of the noise of my doubts, mind and ego.

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