Embracing Natural Beauty Workshops Is So Becoming!

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“Aging is becoming” a slogan that has inspired my work and my life ever since it came out in the 1990s. To become, of course, implies change whether we want it or not. But the “becomingness” aspect of aging, the how well it suits you, depends on choices that you make, often without an ounce of awareness. Embracing Natural Beauty Workshops is so becoming; it brings so much awareness.

Definitions, Lifestyle and Aging
As kids, we try to please our parents. How we perceive and judge their response defines how we judge ourselves. We start thinking of ourselves as pretty or not, intelligent or not, worthy or not. We believe these thoughts and they start shaping what we think is our identity. By adolescence, we have already measured ourselves by comparing ourselves with peers and those we admire or criticize. As we age, the definition of ourself gets more defined, more anchored and more rigid in a non-homogeneous manner. Some cells or parts of our psyche stop growing. So we may be 40 chronologically, 15 socially, 35 physically, 4 sexually, 65 intellectually and so on. Since you created those definitions, changing them is within your power!

What do cinnamon, nasal decongestants, aging, hot showers, rayon and nylon gloves, soap, raw apples, cranberry crackers, oral contraceptives, and air travel have in common?* What do you eat? How does your heredity and your environment affect you? What kind of lifestyle do you have? Do you think most in the past, in the present or in the future? Who are your friends? The quality of all those factors affect the aging process.

Hindsight: The Gift of Aging
Fortunately, aging offers the beautiful possibility of hindsight. At some point you realize that you have carried everything you have become since you were a child, the seeds and roots of the good, the bad, the ugly, the brightness, the spiritual, the beautiful and the nothingness. You may look back on the insecure 15-year old you. She thought she needed to change herself and the world to make it acceptable. She was in such pain. Today, you take her in your arms with great tenderness and embrace her to re-assure her. You can travel through time and do that with any part of the self that felt hurt or abandoned.

That is when you realize that linear time is a very old mental construct humans have adhered to as the only way to measure time. Age and aging–as most of us see it–is deeply ingrained in that construct. But there is another time, the time of the heart, the dream time, the now time that heals everything.

When the seeker goes within to find the self, he/she enters that time and finds that age doesn’t exist. We often hear that from seniors: “I don’t feel old inside.” That is the time of love, the time of art and creativity, the time of paradoxes, the time of full living and time for reconciliation with the perfection of the self and of the world.

Youthful Living is Now
Self-care, self-inquiry and the present time are the main ingredients that ensure youthful living. Nurturing the body keeps it moist, supple and slows down decay; investigating the nature of who we are as individuals brings us to the now time; and the now time shows us that the mind and our thoughts are illusions that prevent us from connecting with our immortality. Once we become aware of that, there is only one conclusion: I am not alone, I belong to the whole and the whole belongs to me.

Where are you in this perfect cycle of becoming? Are you a seeker looking for a gateway to enter the ‘now’ of your beauty? Then visit the Natural Beauty Workshops page here or contact me for a consultation in person or online.

*The answer to this question is that they all are drying. Dryness is one major factor that contributes to physical aging.

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