Connect and Emerge with a Natural Beauty Workshop in Ottawa

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The uncomfortably cold, wet and windy sides of spring are triggering uncomfortable feelings: a grumpy impatience some days and lethargy on others. Part of me wants to create a pretty wreath for the font door while others want me to linger in bed, or to lose my focus. So I started spring cleaning. Nothing bad in itself, but I had expected better from myself! Then I remembered the teachings: “The more we criticize, doubt and put our inspirations, initiatives and performance on trial, the more insecure we become; then we lose self-confidence and self-respect. What’s the antidote? Acknowledge the discomforts then move on to something that brings you joy and makes you shine.” So I decided to offer Connect and Emerge; a Natural Beauty Workshop to release the blahh feelings and connect with anyone attracted to this theme.

First, to pass through the lethargy, the workshop will be held on a Monday morning. Second, we will introduce ourselves over tea, then play a simple youthful connection game. To get rid of the grumpy impatience, we’ll do some movements with music while a rejuvenating essential oil diffuses in the room. Then to connect and stimulate the creative forces of spring within, we’ll work on a creative project. This entails that each participant brings something to make. It could be anything that inspires you: beads, legos, play dough, ink and paper, your signing voice or musical instrument, ingredients to make something edible or drinkable, essential oils, knitting. Anything that brings you joy. We could even exchange materials.

Just evoking the possibilities of this simple Natural Beauty Workshop releases tension in me. The drops of freezing rain tapping on my window are now a source of awe, a small victory against seasonal depression. My angel of joy is back over my shoulder. What does yours say?

Natural Beauty Workshop Registration:
Workshop Date: April 30th, 10 am to noon
Location: 36 Simcoe St.
Cost: $45, tea provided; payment by e-transfer or cash upon registration
Dress to be comfortable
Bring materials for your creative project
RSVP by April 26

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