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I learned a lot about pain and beauty recently, actually for a long time, but now I understand that the two are connected. Is that why you are here too, on that path between the two of them? This afternoon, I was in my private writing spot by the pond, listening both inside and outside. […]


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Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life (good, bad, ugly and painful) AND making conscious choices about the thoughts that you think is an exercise that: – defuses suffering – debunks your erroneous beliefs – empowers you and – strengthen your sense of mastery. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but it does work. It requires […]


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Countless people, after the initial shock of a trauma or great pain, seek to find meaning in it. For some, the search may start as early as the moment the pain occurred. For others, it may take a while before they recognize that there is something outside or beyond the pain. For others, the journey […]


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Some exceptional people — saints, enlightened ones, spiritual guides, true gurus — have traveled the path from pain to beauty with such mastery that they have become totally receptive to the needs of others (humans, animals, vegetals, minerals, the Earth and all other beings). They learned that serving others removed them from their own dramas. […]


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Your expectations and assumptions about what I, you, they, life, beauty, prosperity, relationships, job, house, etc. “should” be and “should” look like that blocks your ability to see them when the are in front of us. It is your resistance to pain–and joy or success too depending on your belief systems–that blocks the natural flow […]


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The correlation between negative self-talk and the level of pain you experience is direct. The progression is essentially as follows: Pain leads to negative thoughts, self-talk or beliefs, which lead to feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, depression or hopelessness, which in turn lead to suffering, which leads to muscle tension and stress, which […]


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You may have heard the expression “Pain in inevitable but suffering is a choice.” Do you know this already or are you objecting strongly to this statement? Regardless, keep reading. When you are in a state of pain, each of the four Earth bodies suffer, regardless of where the initial wound or impact happened. The […]


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PAIN POINTS TO THE GLORY OF WHO WE ARE THE COMPLEXITY OF PAIN We all know what pain is, at least physical pain. But there is also emotional pain. Less tangible, it can still be as debilitating as paraplegia and as sneaky in its development as cancer. Undiagnosed and untreated it can ultimately present as […]


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Erase emotional pain from your cells To heal yourself, and by this I mean “to remove the traces of suffering from your cells”, you need to know what to look for. The first step consists in becoming aware of how your habits fragment your physical, etheric, emotional and mind bodies. That fragmentation prevents the unification […]


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Help your students focus and study better with essential oils During a MeetUp group event this week, I met Ben, a teacher who was expressing his frustration about the ever increasing gap between the needs of his students and the school program. This echoed a conversation I had the previous day with a friend who […]


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Adepts and practitioners of ayurveda are very aware of the cycles of life, from birth to death. They know how to help you be beautiful for life. They know the importance of knowing the self, of touch, exercise, of belonging, of expressing emotions and talents, and that showing gratitude (including to trees, animals, stones, planets, […]

Take Care of 100% of Your Beauty, Not Just 1% of It!

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The physical body is sacred and it is important to take care of all its needs. Why? Because it is the temple of your soul. It houses all your experiences, your mind, your emotions. It is the manifestation or a condensation of our bodies of love (subconscious) and bodies of light (unconscious). The physical body […]

The Collection of Your Experiences Is Part of Your Beauty

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How many experiences have you had since you were born? Which ones do you remember, enjoyed fully, still regret, wish you never had, revisit over and over, or so totally rejected that you don’t even remember them? What is an experience? As crazy as it may seem at first glance, experiences are circumstances that you […]

The Beauty of the Spirit, Your Ultimate Beauty

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Spirit needs space in your cells to move through you, ground in you, free you from ignorance and infuse you with its three powers: the power of creation, the power of knowing and the power of freedom. Because limited concepts get deposited in your cells and clog them, you need to purify your physical body […]

Salt for Beauty, Balance and Unity

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photo by Sheila Daunt-Escandon Berdhanya Swami Tierra, a mystic from Ottawa, recently led a pilgrimage in the salt-rich lands of Peru and Bolivia. Here is an interview with her about her journey and what she learned about salt, its properties, its role on this planet and how to used it for inner and outer beauty. […]

Bounty in Trapped Shadows

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So much strength and treasures reside within you, behind masks that you built yourself because your warped perceptions lead you to judged them and hide them far from sight. Fortunately, you can retreive them by lifting your masks. WHAT MASKS ARE YOU WEARING? Sometimes you are aware of one, sometimes they are hidden in your […]

Make-up and Mascarades

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WHY DO YOU WANT TO WEAR MAKE-UP? Has make-up become a mask for you? To hide blemishes, the fact that you did not sleep well, cried or in the worst of circumstances, to hide a black eye from an abusive parent or partner? If you cannot let yourself be seen without make-up, even occasionally, your […]

What is Beauty?

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Poets the world over, and for centuries, have tried to define it and yet they have been able to render but a fraction of it. Here is a small selection: People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you […]

Taking care of yourself after an accident

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When accidents happen, serious ones I mean like car accidents, falls, burns and other traumas, you need immediate care to see if and where damage has occurred, spine, bones, organs, veins and arteries, brain, tissues, etc. After receiving first line care, you return home and you need to rest. Shortly after, you will likely experience […]

Shamanic guidance to seek the wisdom of our internal voices

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What woman doesn’t have intuition? I know of none. It comes as standard equipment. And yet it is not a crystal ball that provides all the answers the minute we want it unless we have become enlightened. Mysterious creative force We are given seeds and antennas but we tend to push and prod willfully, hoping […]