Your Ayurvedic Practitioner Ottawa, Vetiver and PTSD

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Have you ever wondered what you have done to deserve a gift you never dreamed even existed? I received such a gift from former governor general of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, a few years back. Here is how your Ayurvedic practitioner Ottawa discovered vetiver oil and how it can help with PTSD.

I was unaware of the existence of this plant, much less knew how to use it nor that it is widely used in Ayurveda. Her Excellency generously introduced me to a bottle of vetiver essential oil from the Frager distillers. She was proud of this entrepreneur from her country of origin, Haiti. For me, it was love at first sniff and I intuitively felt that its quality was impeccable.

As I experimented with it personally and with clients at Face to Grace, it quickly became obvious that this essence is one of the best to help people with Vata imbalance or symptoms. The minimum it can do is to help us ground. At its best, it helps reduce or eliminate physical or emotional shock for anyone going through that experience.

What is vetiver and what are its uses?
Vetiver is a tropical perennial grass that grows up to six feet and can live up to 50 years. It has a large root system and it is from these roots that the essential oil is extracted. Its scent has been described as warm, dry, earthy, woody, with smoky notes. However, that is like asking what does wine smell like. You have honest essential oils like you have plonk and grands crus essential oils.

Seventy per cent of the world’s production and exports of vetiver essential oil comes from Haiti, most of it produced by the Frager distillery. It is used in cigars and perfumery for its delightful heavy, sweet and reviving scent, and for its ability to anchor lighter essences. Guerlain, Yves Saint-Laurent and Lancôme are just a few large perfumeries who use it. But as you suspect, I prefer it for its beneficial healing properties. Ayurveda uses it to treat countless conditions like muscular aches, fevers, arthritis pain, loss of energy, heat strokes, joint disorders, skin problems, headaches and to cool the body during extremely high temperatures. In India and Sri Lanka, it is called the “oil of tranquility.” In Chinese medicine, practitioners say that it energizes the brain cells, stabilizes emotions, invigorates dry skin and pacifies depression, exhaustion, hurtful thoughts and anger.

About Frager’s vetiver essential oil
After the terrible earthquake of December 1st, 2010, which claimed the lives of over 315,000 people and injured as many, I worried that the Frager distillery had been destroyed. I searched for its website on the Internet; it was no longer there. I contacted the Canadian and Haitian Embassy and even the Port-au-Prince Chamber of Commerce, even an acquaintance who worked for the Panama embassy in Haiti. No response from anyone. And when I shopped for a new bottle here in Ottawa, none was available that came even close to it in quality and fragrance.

It is now March 2017. My precious bottle is almost empty yet my inner guides keep telling me to trust and not to spare it. But I am worried. And then I am inspired with the proper keywords search for the internet. I find Frager’s new website. Within seconds, I write an email to enquire about distributors in Canada. The next morning an answer awaits in my email box: « I a very pleased to learn that you love our essence of vetiver. I will send you by DHL a “rather special” distillation fraction used in aromatherapy.»

It didn’t even take a week to arrive. Was the wait ever worth waiting for! I never suspected that the high quality of my dear essence could be exceeded. And it was. To tell you to what extent is impossible. What could be better that a grand cru? The only way to give justice to it is to invite you to come for an ayurvedic facial, aromatherapy session or aura cleanse treatment to experience it for yourself.

Vetiver for PTSD
After receiving the bottle, I immediately meditated with it. Its « spirit » explained how to use it in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. It then asked that I promote it with members in the military. Considering that the governor general’s role includes that of commander-in-chief of the Canadian Forces, the link seems more than merely coincidental. Of course, anyone who is experiencing this condition decribed so vividly by General Roméo Dallaire can also benefit.

To book a treatment, contact me here. And of course, you contact the Frager house at to order a bottle of your own or visit their website.

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