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aaThe correlation between negative self-talk and the level of pain you experience is direct. The progression is essentially as follows: Pain leads to negative thoughts, self-talk or beliefs, which lead to feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, depression or hopelessness, which in turn lead to suffering, which leads to muscle tension and stress, which lead to more pain.

So how can you stop this vicious cycle? By differentiating the pain from the drama in the moment you actually are telling yourself the story. Easy? Not at first but those who persevere during the first self-analysis find that the rewards are such that they want to keep going. The key to success is to persevere.

What does the process involve?
– Spotting the story by asking yourself: Am I present in this moment? Am I reacting to what is happening now?
– Applying acceptance strategies: eg. Talking back: I am doing my best.
– Question how you think about your own thinking
– Challenging your habits and views of who you THINK you are.
This process takes time and commitment, like anything worthwhile in life. It is incredibly rewarding; however, it is equally confronting to the ego. Why? Because the ego would rather take charge of you than let you train it to serve your higher interests.

Given that you are still reading, chances are that you are ready for the challenge.

Rule #1: Accept where you are, as you are, with your body, mind, emotions, and reactions as they are. If you fail, practice Rule #1.
THIS RULE IS OF FOREMOST IMPORTANCE. If you forget, life will keep bringing you experiences until you remember and learn.

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