One of life’s most precious gifts is to feel beautiful inside and out with natural skin care products

Face to Grace was founded in Ottawa, Canada, in the year 2000, by Isabela Blanchet, on her teacher’s suggestion. Its mission is to offer natural/organic skin care products, impeccable services and empowering courses that promote beauty with long lasting results. It serves women and their families and friends, both locally and internationally.

Isabela has been described as a healer, an energy worker, a shamanic beautician, a free spirit, and a motherly caregiver. She calls herself a business owner, a teacher, a writer, as well as a lover of life and a life-long learner.

Isabela was born in Montreal, Canada. Named Renée by her parents, she later received the name Isabela from her spiritual teacher Berdhanya Swami Tierra. Isabela is a name related to goddess Isis. As such she is considered as the Master on the Council of Beauty.

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