Your Ayurvedic Facial Ottawa: More than what You Might Expect

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For countless women, booking a facial provides an opportunity to relax or to fix or maintain the quality of their skin. While an Ayurvedic does that, it is also akin to a ritual or ceremony to re-connect you with your personal beauty, radiance and emotional balance. At least this is what is offered when you undergo an Ayurvedic Facial Ottawa and online at Face to Grace.

Ingredient selection and awareness
The simple process of selecting ingredients–mostly organic ones–with you before starting the treatment is designed to bring awareness to what is going on in your body. There are usually 5 categories of ingredients:
– the cleansing liquids (eg., yogourt, various types of milk, aloe vera, fresh juices)
– the powders (eg., grains, flowers, herbs, spices)
– the carrier oils, essential oils or Face to Grace moisturizers that rejuvenate and give elasticity to the layers of the skin
– the hydrosols (floral waters) for toning.
If you have not already told your practitioner about allergies and intolerences, this is the best time to let her know. You may even have so many sensitivites that some or most of those could not be appropriate. Do not despair, a good facial can be had with distilled water and one or two other ingredients you know your body accepts AND likes.

Once your ingredients are selected, you proceed to the massage table where fragrant warm compresses or light steaming await to open the pores. This is followed by a mix of the ingredients selected for cleansing, usually a tasty thin paste that removes toxins, dirt and dead cells. In the process, you may feel you skin getting cooler or warmer depending on the ingredients and the creative movement of your personal chemistry. After a few minutes, the mixture is rinsed off with warm water.

There’s more to your face than skin
At this stage a gentle massage of the skin and the marmas (small energy centres, like acupuncture points) feed the clean skin with a pure moisturizing solution. Depending on the location of the points, you could feel digestive or hormonal relief, a slowing down of your thought process. Again this is a highly personal process that will vary from person to person and from time to time. This is one of the great benefits of an ayurvedic facial. It works both on the surface and inside the body. At that point, because the marmas are all inter- connected the head, the shoulders, the feet, the stomach or any body part may claim some care too. Whether to respond to that call or not will be decided between you and your practitioner. The form this takes will also greatly vary, but will always be respectful of your deeper needs.

Toning then comes in the form a gentle spring mist of hydrosols such as lavender, rose, orange blossom or other less well-known floral waters. In certain circumstances, hydrosols could be replaced by a specific essential oil mixed in water, but still sprayed with a atomizing bottle.

Rejuvenated through and through
Since the sense of smell is connected to the lymbic system, emotions can come up to be released providing a sense of relief and lightness. Physically, this translates in the face through brighter eyes, relaxed muscles around the mouth and jaws. More often than not, you will want a short rest or cat nap before getting back on your feet and going on with your day. You will feel rejuvenated and those around you will pay you compliments about how much younger and refreshed you look.

To book your ayurvedic facial in Ottawa, contact me by phone or email. Like Francis Michniewicz you could realize that “A facial with Face to Grace is more than you might expect. It is a blessing, healing and cleansing, a unique experience that not only cleanses the pores but also cleans away any stress, anxiety or fear. You’ll find yourself deeply relaxed and gently uplifted in spirit.”

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