Massage Warriors Meet Your Ayurvedic Practitioner Ottawa

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Hurray, Spring is here! The same way cities rally their teams to wash streets, sidewalks and street lights, etc., you are about to start your own cleanse to remove toxins accumulated during winter. Massage warriors, meet your Ayurvedic practitioner Ottawa for assistance.

Yes but…
Feeling some resistance? There are two kinds: the normal resistance in the face of change. This one simply requires that you face your process with patience, care and compassion. The second one comes from your ego. It interferes in the process of change. It wants to distract you and make you forget your commitment. It denies the needs and seeks refuge in what you know. Approaching this kind of resistance with self-responsibility, without guilt and by re-affirming your intentions are the aces in your deck for a successful spring cleansing and warrior massage.

Chose 1 or all:
– A Purification of the senses treatment. To know more…
– Pancha karma treatments for 3 to 7 days To know more…
– A marma massage. To know more…

Do you have the soul of a health warrior?
Massage is an important weapon to maintain your health and marma massage has very specific benefits. Marma massage connects your chakras and your nadis. The flow of the nadis flow is supported, constructed and/or obstructed according to our perception. Therefore, we create our world either according to our innocence or our judgments. Massaging the nadis helps clean, maintain and repair them, refreshing our perceptions.
Very deep pressure : In this “Warrior” type massage, all the marmas are stimulated to its different layers: from the depths to the surface. It can be sensitive or painful to the person, but the benefits are immediate and total. For this kind of approach, a monthly treatment is sufficient. This treatment can be done wearing clothes.
Gentle touch: This massage stimulates the marmas partially using tactile pressure and partially in a subtle way. The depth can be adjusted according to the level of resistance of the client. The application of treatments of this depth can be more frequent (e.g. twice a month). Ideally done at the new moon. Can be accompanied by the application of oil, using pressure and massage in circular movements. This treatment can be done with clothes on or not.
Subtle touch: This massage can be done by slightly touching the skin or above the marma (not touching the skin). This works in the subtle aspect of the marma, unblock the marma or inviting the subtle prana (life force) to flow. This can be done using oil, herbal pastes, gemstones. Ideal to balance the nervous system and people with a Vata constitution who have undergone a certain level of purification. The subtle touch is commanded by the heart of the practioner.

At the time when Indian warriors were fighting hand-to-hand, the science of marmas was already known. Its knowledge was therefore used by armies to:
1. strengthen the warriors before the battle
2. so they could protect themselves and attack in a more targeted and efficient way during the battle
3. better care for those with mortal or permanent disabling wounds and alleviate their pain after the battle.

Marma massage and yogis
The majority of clients interested in this type of treatment also practice yoga and meditation, but anyone can benefit. In addition to the relaxation experienced after the treatment you also notice that your your consciousness is deeper and wider during your meditations and daily activities. Marma massage is a kind of “Open sesame” that helps you overcome obstacles that no other method equals. The same treatment can be given with a softer, more subtle pressure and the body receives it more readily. The impact will also be noticeable but more subtle.

The treatment lasts approximately 90 minutes. It requires that you dress with light and loose clothing.

You hesitate between chosing a warrior or subtle massage?
No problem.
– Try the warrior massage only with the 4 entry points. (15 minutes)
– Try the 4 entry point massage, then decide how you want to continue with the warrior approach or the gentle touch or the subtle one. NOTE : once started, you cannot change the type of pressure.

I had the warrior marma massage. Although there were points where sensations were quite intense, I felt your softness. I was in a state where I was conscious of the energy, vitality and calm moving throughout my body, and pain was in the background. I felt safe, confident, envelopped and contained by your presence. I felt you and I were One. Thank you Isabela. – Sylvie Galienne

For more information on marma massage treatments, Click here.

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