Knowledge is everywhere, in each book, each relationship and each circumstance, but the ultimate Knower is within you.

31 Days to Learn the Language of Beauty

With its simple and innocent language, this e-book provides 27 sutras and 3 meditations that inspire and nourrish you as a seeker of beauty. Their purpose is to bring you to question your…
English version in PDF format
Cost: $15CAN

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Paradoxes: Bilingual Muses bilingues

Another book of beauty, this time in the form poetry and short stories that seek or find beauty in the world, real or imagined.
by Isabella (Samyukta) Blanchet
Paper format, 7 x 9 in., 80 pages
Cost: $20 CDN

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The Book of Beauty: Making Skin Care Products with Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

by Samyukta Blanchet
Paper copy: $26 CDN
E-book format $4 approx. depending on the online distributor

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