What are the standards for natural skin care products at Face to Grace?

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Because ayurveda, the science in which I anchor the production of my products, is way over 5,000 years old, my definition of a natural skin care product is one that uses ingredients as close in purity as they were then. Of course, today, that is a real challenge. Our air, water and soil are polluted to a large extent. The next best thing is to use ingredients that are either organic or as pure and fresh as I can get them from local producers in Ottawa or small producers I meet when I travel.

Organic ingredients
Fortunately organic carrier oils, organic essential oils, organic hydrosols are now fairly easy to get. In certain cases, I grow my own organic herbs and flowers for macerations. Agni hotra, another ayurvedic technology, is used to enhance the purity and vitality of the garden. This ensures that everything is fresh or well preserved, alive and full of vitality.

Absence of chemicals
Creating such pure products ensures that their nature meets yours naturally, especially if you are someone who eats organic foods or grow your own, and lives a healthy lifestyle. After taking such care of yourself, why would you buy commercial skin care products that contain heavy metals, synthetic compounds, artificial fragrances, petrolium by-products, plasticizers, phtalenes and other chemicals detrimental to your health?

Natural preservatives
The downside of such purity is that pure natural products have a shorter shelf life than commercial ones. They are more sensitive to light, heat, rapid temperature changes and humidity (this includes humidity on your fingers if you don’t dry them properly before dipping them in the jar). Their worst enemies are mould and yeast. However, essential oils, vitamin E and organic apple cider vinegar are natural preservatives that increase the longevity of products, especially those that combine oils and liquids.

Although most products can last 2 years and more in the fridge, they can be kept in your bathroom pharmacy or night table for daily use and last 3 months or more. Of course, if you switch from a Light to Enriched Face to Grace moisturizer between season, keep the one you don’t use in the fridge until the next season.

Absorbed and elminated naturally
Another common misunderstanding is that natural skin care products shouldn’t create allergies. Allergens are found both in the natural and chemical world. The difference is that natural allergens can be eliminated from your body through natural channels (sweating, urination, vomiting, defecation, mucus and yes, tears). This is not the case for the chemicals mentioned above which get stored in your fat tissues, unless you undergo pancha karma treatments. Sadly, the exception is those stored in the breast which are released in the mother’s milk during breastfeeding.

Low fooprint on the environement
In addition, I believe that using re-usable glass jars and bottles instead of plastic is better to maintain the quality of products (plastic releases molecules in the products and absorbs elements from the products). In addition, as long as we re-use them, it reduces our environment footprint on Mother Earth, which in the end, is better for all of us.

Having said all that, visit my Store and order the natural skin care products most appropriate for your needs. I will be happy to ship them to you as quickly as possible.

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