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One series of these weekly or monthly treatments among:

Package of any 5 abyangas (hot oil body massage) and/or shirodara, eg. 3 abyanga + 2 shirodaras: $420
Package of 5 one-hour abyangas: $420
Package of 5 shirodaras: $420
Package of 5 abyangas and shirodara : $420


One series of these weekly or monthly treatments among:
Package of 10 abyangas or shirodaras available, individually or in combination:
Package of 10 one-hour abyangas: $800
Package of any 10 abyangas and shirodara : $800
Package of 10 biovedic facials : $850


Purification of the senses:
One series of these daily or weekly treatments among:
The 5 treatments on the same day: $350
7 nasya (nose) treatments: $300
7 ear treatments: $300
7 mouth treatments: $325
7 eye treatments: $525
7 3rd eye (see shirodaras): $625


5 weekly or monthly biovedic facials : 575$


Package of 10 weekly or monthly biovedic facials : 850$

I have just finished 7 days of your eye treatment. My eye sight is so clear. It is now just the same as my eye prescription. I strongly recommend your eye treatment It makes a huge difference! I am now more conscious of taking care of my eyes. Thank you so much. — Ann Galley

As a realized yogi, I never thought I could get so high and intoxicated with quality, fragrances and subtleness of the combination of ingredients and products Samyukta used during my facial. Delightful experience! — Bhuvaneswari Devi, Ottawa, ON