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Guided Visualizations

Are you seeking wisdom from within? A guided visualization or journey is one of the best tools to access it. You know that it’s time for a guided visualization when you know that you have all the answers but are not quite sure how to access that treasure trove.

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Shamanic Work

Throughout the ages, shamans have works with plant and animal spirits, stones, chanting, drumming and many other sacred items to help people to reclaim the totality of who they are. IsaBella works with a combination of all of these, including essential oils. Shamanic work knows no boundaries of time or space.

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Intuitive Massage

There are no “typical” intuitive massages. Guided by the description of your discomforts, Face to Grace practitioner Samyukta Blanchet will open her inner and outer perceptions to identify where to start and where to finish, as if tuning a precious instrument.

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